RSA Cert KeyProvider Plugin

RSACertKeyProviderPlugin is a KeyProvider Plugin for KeePass.

It allows KeePass to use RSA certificates from the Windows certificate store as master key source. After the selection of a RSA Certificate, it passes a part from the private key (for cryptographers: the d value) to KeePass.
KeePass will use this along with the other given credentials (like password, keyfile) for encrypting your passwords.

For more information about KeePass Security, please have a look at the KeePass Security Page.


  • Windows Operatingsystem
  • KeePass (Version 2.0.9 or above, Download)


The latest and most recent version can be found here (source).

Change Log

Version 0.1

  • initial Version

Notes and Hints

Error Message "Key not valid for use in specified state.”

  • Check, if your key was marked as "Exportable" during import.
    Simply try to export the key (certmgr.msc) and check, if the private can be selected for export.